Wednesday, April 15, 2015

We've gotta go back

Hey, so it's been a year since I've written in this thing. Life got in the way, and I'm comfortable with that. But I've been thinking about revisiting lately. The itch is back. So here's a few things:

- I worked for many months on a reissue of one of the most singular and distinctive electronic records of all time - Joy Electric's "Melody." This is where it all started for me and many others, way back in 1994. I've had the pleasure of playing with and in Joy Electric multiple times over the years, and Ronnie Martin is a good friend of mine. For this re-release, I wrote a book - think "33 1/3 series" - to accompany the album. It all came out wonderfully. You can order the LP and book set here: Melody 2LP and "The Melody Book."

- My close friend and I have also just released an album that we worked on from '07 to '08, got 95% done with, and then shelved for a bunch of reasons (my Dad died, he was in a bad life situation, etc.) before completing. We finally decided to dust off the old tapes - literally - and finish mixing, assembling, and polishing that final 5% to get this thing done. It's pretty great - a big slab of gorgeous sound, drenched in reverb, tape compression, modular oscillators, hand-built circuits, and celestial choirs. If you like stuff like Popol Vuh, My Bloody Valentine, Excepter, Mount Eerie, Tangerine Dream, David Lynch scores, Italian horror movie scores...well, it doesn't specifically sound like any of those, but sits in a similar constellation of influences and references. You can check it out here and order a cassette w/ download if you like. We have a few tapes left!

- I'm not going to talk too much about what I'm working on right now, but I have a lot of stuff in the pipeline - a new age/space music album based on the Catholic Book of Hours, a bunch of mutant dance music under the Lotion Soaked Diamonds name, and the long-delayed and agonized over Poplar Halls album of real songs. All in good time/so get in the longest line. You can keep up with some stuff here and also check out the Lotion Soaked "Sunburn" EP  over here, just in time for beach season.

More soon.


  1. Thanks for updating... I'm a fan!


  3. are u stilll working on music in CHicago?

  4. are u stilll working on music in CHicago?